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Only at Camp Pendleton!

As designers, we never know what our clients will request, and this request was fun! 
Glenna stopped by our Kiosk and asked for a dragonfly for her paddle board.  No problem.  Hot pink dragonfly done.  Happy client.  We always tell clients to call us if they need help with installation issues.  Well rather than call...

The very next weekend, in walks Glenna carrying her paddle board asking if we'd put the decal on, and this is how it's done!

When vinyl decals or letters are produced, an application tape is placed over the top of the graphic or text.  This allows vinyl to be 'carried' to the substrate.  In this case, a paddle board.

First step is to make certain that the area is clean and free or dirt and dust.  Next, position the graphic, and then place masking tape half on, half off on to the surface.  Once you're satisfied with the placement, place your hand behind the graphic and at the top of the graphic in the back, you'll note that the tape created a hinge for the backing material.  As you pull the backing material with one hand, you'll then use a 'back and forth' method with either a cloth or your hand to secure the vinyl on to the surface.  (Review the photo above.)

Once this is finished and the backing is completely released, the next step is to take off the application tape.  This is done by starting in one corner, peeling off the application tape keeping it as flat to the surface as you can.  Upon completion, if you have any air bubbles, simply take a pin or blade and pop a tiny hole to release the air.

Steve Brear applying the graphic inside the MCX Kiosk! And the final product -- a cool looking paddle board for a super client.  Thanks, Glenna!  

(Photos by Deb Mallants)